June 27, 2009


sharing n caring

Thanks to maiza cause shared the important info about breastfeeding.. i'm also like to tell everyone who's still breastfeeding, go on n don't stop. Breast milk is all the food ur baby needs for the first six months.....my third baby, was fully breastfeeding. I'm tried to give him a bottle like his bro n sis but he don't want it...so this is my chance for fully breastfeeding eventhough it almost time to get back to work .... i bought a cheap breast pump and store the milk in freezer...now i can saved more!!!!

i'm using this set!!!

Here, are the info how long breast milk keeps...

room temperature -up to 8 hours
refrigerator - 24 -48 hours
freezer (2 door) - 3 months
deep freezer - 1 year

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