August 17, 2009


The total number of diagnosed cases of H1N1 has been increased day by day...week by my tuition centre took an serious action... give free mask to every student last week...but satu kotak mask RM50 for 50 pieces...fuh mahal giler...but i sarankan to all my student bring n be prepared with mask when u're in public.

The infamous 'tak aper' attitude must be end...ramai student biler bg free mask tak nak pakai... lemaslah..mcm2 alasan...'sendiri mau ingatla'..Semua pihak especially parent should force u're kids wear mask everywhere u're..

it also reported on how schools are preparing for e-learning if the H1N1 outbreak worsens....don't worry... come n register as our member of be prepared with u're exam that coming soon.

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