May 2, 2010

The first cry...

 It happens 4 years ago. At my age 25 years old, nothing much could I say than it is the full moment of excitation when my hubby and I knew that I was pregnant after 8 months being husband and wife. First pregnancy of my life definitely.  During that time, I started having morning sickness. My tummy can’t even empty, I’ll start vomiting until the end of 4 months pregnancy. Huhuhu….and my tummy getting bigger and bigger like carrying twins…yeah maybe my height didn’t match with my bigger becoming-baby.
When it was third trimesters, about 37 weeks of pregnancy, I’d admitted to my hometown hospital because my baby didn’t moved well. It came across me about 2 weeks, ouhh… very hard to done daily check-up, listing Fetal Kick Counts by myself and every time the doctor asked me about having any pain, I’m just said nothing at all, the bad part was among the mothers in our waiting room, three of them have delivering their baby and one of them done by C-sec. Oh my goodness, It’s makes me panic and thinking what happens to me next?  Luckily, I was discarded from hospital and having normal life.
But, the normal life didn’t long lasting. Next two days (38 weeks), I found something wrong with me. It was back pain, sometime I’m having contractions and cervix was dilating. Ohhh…I try to finish the last surah of Al-Quran. Alhamdullilah..I finished it.   At evening 3 pm…my mother served me okra (easy child birth) and rice, it give me energy as well before I’d admit again to the hospital. By that time, my tear fall down across my cheek as I felt both eager and fear came hunting on me. Waiting for the first child birth is not easy, everyone know that, I’m having 12 hours hold on to my pain….oh, from what I have heard, to make it less pain, go to bathroom and drain out your urine…ahahah.. its really works!!!..but that's time  only just 3cm.....the painful still came and came every 20 minutes … It make me feel so tired and I slept in exhausted. Suddenly, the unusual painful woke me up.. ooohh its 6 o’clock in the morning of 9 April, the blood came out more and more…the nurse check  again and it's about 5 cm, then nurse changed my clothed and got me the chair wheel to labour room. The nurse gave me the epidural and doctor lead me to fetal water membrane rupture. By then, I’m felt so relief. But the relief was not so long, after check again., it's  8 cm. About an hour later, the painful came again and but this time I can’t afford that pain, it’s time to me to get labour. Here in labour room, there were 2 midwife by my side…it is a great time to push but I’m really tired at all but then, they put gas in my mouth assisting my inhalation I guess, but it’s really makes me felt full of tired…and sometime I felt asleep… it was very stunning moment when one of the midwife told me if I’m not push hardly my baby will get drowning. 10 minutes before 9 o’clock, they ask me to push and push, they started to pull my hand and once for awhile I felt something soft. Oh that’s a baby head….
I tried to push little harder and harder and I realized it‘s time for “forsep”…one of them told me so…at   that time, I’m  so scared but tried the last pushy…push..push…then, the baby finally came out..Alhamdullilah!!!. my baby was crying and crying..the midwife put the baby on my chest..ohhh it’s really soft..Ya Allah…Alhamdullilah it’s pain no gain isn’t it? According to the hospital, my baby weight was about 3.8 kg at that time of delivery.. oooh that’s why hard for me to push him out…ohh Only Allah helps me at that moment.
After that..i didn’t remembered anything and laying down rest about 5 hours…until my family came n woke me up for a little food for my energy. Everyone so excited and looking for my baby. And now here my beloved son by my side, Muhd Naqiudin B. Nizamodeen, my hero and now he was 4 years old.

 1st day....
Naqiudin a.k.a Abg Long 
Naper mama tulis entry ni...hahaha sebab nak cuba nasib

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